Ngadlulityangka PRIDoC-ngka taikamainga | Join us at PRIDoC 2024 

It is with enthusiasm and pride that the Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association (AIDA) invites you to gather on Kaurna Country for the 11th Biennial Pacific Region Indigenous Doctors Congress (PRIDoC) 2024, to delve into the theme: Ngadluku Warra, Ngadluku Tapa Purruna, Ngadluku Purruna (Our Language, Our Culture, Our Health).

The congress brings together the foremost Indigenous doctors’ member organisations from across the Pacific, including AIDA, ‘Ahahui o nā Kauka, Association of American Indian Physicians, Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada (IPAC), Medical Association for Indigenous People of Taiwan (MAIPT), and Te Ohu Rata O Aotearoa (Te ORA).

We invite you to join us on Kaurna Country. Together we can honour the spirit of Ngadluku Warra, Ngadluku Tapa Purruna, Ngadluku Purruna, as we strive towards a healthier future for all our communities.

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Key Dates 

Early Bird Registration Open
8 March 

Abstract Submissions Open
8 March 

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Abstracts Submissions Close
31 May
Outcome Notification to Presenters
28 June

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12 July 

Speakers Registration Deadline
26 July 

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23 August 

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30 August 

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31 August

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From 9 September 
Congress Dates 
2-6 December 

Ngadluku Warra, Ngadluku Tapa Purruna, Ngadluku Purruna
(Our Language, Our Culture, Our Health)

We look forward to gathering on Kaurna country in...

Our Proud Sponsors

Ngadlu Kaurna yartangka inparringutha.
Ngadlu-rlu Kaurna miyurna, yaitya mathanya Wama Tarntanyaku pukinangku tarrkarri-arra tampinthi.
Ngadlu-rlu Kaurna miyurna parnaku yarta, yailtya, tapa purruna tampinthi.
Ngadlu-rlu Kaurna Pukiana miyurna puki-puki-nangku, Kaurna Purkarna yalaka tampinthi.
Ngadlu-rlu yaitya miyurna iyangka yalaka kumarta pangkarra Wirltuthidnanangku, kumarta pangkarra warrunangku tampinthi.

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Kaurna people, the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands we will gather on.
We acknowledge and respect the Kaurna people’s cultural, spiritual, physical and emotional connection with their land, waters and community. We pay respect to elders both past and present. 
We extend that respect to other First Nations People and their Indigenous lands across the globe.


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